Why Does He Do It?

A few weeks ago, I made a visit to my sister’s house.  She had been doing some remodeling and redecorating and I was really excited to see the finished product!  

She took me to her husband’s new office. It was beautiful! Besides the new paint, carpet and furnishings, she had taken extra measures to create a space where he could focus and be inspired (okay, I was down right jealous and felt a bit guilty for the messy corner of the house my husband calls his home office).

On the wall were two bulletin boards with several fun pictures of their family and some inspirational quotes.  One of the boards contained a list that caught my eye. The title read, “Why should I work my hardest everyday?”  Below this question was a list he had created of the many reasons why, such as…

  • So I can provide for the needs of my family.
  • So we can go on fun trips!
  • So my wife can stay home with our children.
  • So I can give to those that need help.

I have reflected on this list several times since then. I have never written down my reasons why so I can reflect on them daily….Why do I do what I do? All of us have to do hard things…what is your motivation? Reflecting on my reasons why has given me renewed purpose and focus and helps me do the really hard things!

As I have grown up and become a parent with children of my own.  I have more of a profound gratitude for all my parents did to provide a comfortable and happy childhood.  My dad managed a department store for over 40 years often working really long hours on holidays when he would rather be home. His contribution did not stop at earning a paycheck.  He tutored me through Calculus (I was a really ornery teenager) and helped me put together science fair projects.  He would often drop me off to school on his way to work in his old rusty Volkswagen convertible while I complained the whole way about my hair getting messed up. Why did he do it?

I am equally filled with gratitude for my husband of 18 years who goes to work everyday to provide for our family.  He gets up every morning and conquers his fears and challenges. He comes home to a less than clean house, rolls up his sleeves and starts the dishes. He has supported me through many crazy adventures and gives me wings to fly. Why does he do it?

I am grateful for the many men that take seriously their role as mentor and provider for those that depend on them.  In a world where we hear about violent acts of a few on a daily basis, we can be sure there are thousands and thousands good men doing their best to set an example of honesty, integrity and kindness.  Here’s to you!  Happy Father’s Day!

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