Kathryn’s Korner: Value Diminishes Price Concerns

Creating value in your product is the 1st step in becoming a successful salesperson.  However in order for you to create value in what you sell, you need to understand what the needs of your customers are.  Asking questions and learning to listen are the first steps towards creating value.  When you create value, many price concerns diminish.

  • Your customers must need what you are selling…it must resonate with them.  Every customer has challenges the In A Pikle bag can solve.  When you share how the Pikle bag can help solve “life’s little emergencies” you create value in the product.
  • The In A Pikle bag is unique, practical, convenient and one of kind.  There isn’t a competing product on the market.  Our customers can’t purchase from the completion because we have no competition.  This is an added value for our company and our product.
  • When a customer recognizes the service or assistance the Pikle bag provides they will make the purchase. Your job is to help them understand our product will make a positive difference in their lives.  The value of the product is more important than the price.  Customers will pay out of necessity, quality and usefulness.

Work on developing your personal story and why you love the In A Pikle bag.  Share how it has helped you in your daily activities and it will help your customers relate not only to you but also to our product.

Much Love,

Kathryn Beeny

“In A Pikle” Field & Leadership Development

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