True Love!

Have you ever found a product that you just love?! Maybe it’s the right color, it just really makes sense, it was a great deal, or it solves a real problem.  Well, the “In A Pikle” bag (aka “the Pikle”)  is one of those things that I just LOVE!

How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

1.  I hate to get somewhere and not have what I need (or what my kids need!). Life can be downright miserable. With the Pikle, I can have all the little necessities for daily emergencies at my fingertips. I pop a button… I got a safety pin! I break a nail… I’ve got clippers and a nail file! My little girl hands me her sticky sucker… I’ve got a tissue, wet wipes, AND hand sanitizer! I drop lunch on my shirt… I’ve got a spot remover pen! My little boy scrapes his knee… I got a Bandaid! The list goes on and on!


2.   They are super cute! The Pikle comes in 30 different colors and styles to match any personality.  My favorite style is the Sweet Pikle! It has a handy Velcro strap that slips through a silver or gold ring. I can stuff my bag with all kinds of things and cinch it up tight! All of the Pikle bags are adjustable for more or less contents.

3.  It has no sides! Yep! Because the Pikle has no sides, I can open it up flat and I can see EVERYTHING!  


4.   Speaking of seeing… I love the clear pouches! Unlike a makeup bag or ziplock baggie, the clear pouches allow me to see everything and keep it separated. It is like having a mini filing cabinet for all my stuff! It will hold up to 4 double sides pouches, giving me 8 compartments to organize all of those little things hiding at the bottom of my purse… safety pins, bobby pins, paper clips, medicine, earring backs, mints, etc.  



5.   I LOVE that the Pikle is compact! Even when it’s full, it is not much bigger than a can of pop. That means I can easily carry it with me in my purse, glove box, or carry-on luggage!

6.   It’s the perfect gift! I love to give gifts and I love to give something that people will REALLY use. The “In A Pikle” bag makes the perfect gift for a bride-to-be, a mommy-to-be, an awesome grandma, a college student, or a busy friend!  


Most of all, I love things that make life a little easier!  I love not having to worry when I leave the house if I have everything I need with me!  Keeping my Pikle packed and with me at all times means that I am ready for what life dishes out… and it’s adorable too!


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