Tribute To Cancer Survivor: Marci Schouten

I was diagnosed with 2nd stage breast cancer in July of 2019 at age 47. Although I was concerned with the news and shed tears with family, I was optimistic and tried to have a positive attitude. I felt so blessed to have wonderful doctors and nurses take such good care of me. I was grateful we caught the cancer early, and for modern advances in medicine. It can be a scary and worry some time for all involved. Fortunately, I have wonderful friends and family who helped me through the 5 surgeries and 17 chemo treatments. I found that continuing to work full time helped me feel as normal as possible and staying busy kept my mind off myself. I was told by doctors that this chapter in my life would only last a few years, and that gave me additional hope. My fingers are crossed that I will remain cancer free! Not everyone’s story ends this way. My heart goes out to the mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and grandmothers whose outcomes are not as successful. Please get regular mammograms!

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