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–       having the power of producing; creative: a productive effort.

Are your small efforts actually productive? That’s a great question.  

Raise your hand if you’ve read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. If you haven’t, please consider putting this on your must reads list. ((And…did you know that there is a book with similar concepts for teens? It’s called SUCCESS FOR TEENS and it is also a MUST READ!))

In both books, there is a lot of talk about being consistent through small, productive action in your daily tasks.  Sometimes, these small daily efforts will appear (at the time) insignificant – – but actually, it IS these small productive efforts that DO indeed make the difference!

Let’s take an example of how this works…

How many of you like to bake?

Have you ever just gone to town making a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and then next thing you know, the dishes have piled SKY high in the sink so you think “WHAAT? How did this happen so quickly?”  As a child, my mom taught my brother and I to “rinse and wipe as we went along.” This small productive effort ABSOLUTELY made all the difference when we were done baking the ooey-gooey batch of deliciousness.

(Thanks mom! These small productive actions made ALL the difference!)

The “In A Pikle” products are the epitome of SMALL productive actions making all the difference, right!?  ((…It’s the month of September, and as we roll into fall, it may be time to STOCK up. In order to continue doing productive small efforts, be sure to STAY STOCKED. If you’ve used all your band aids, replace them!  Out of hair bands? Let’s get that handled! Running low on hand sanitizer, it’s time to get your scent stocked! (…and don’t you just love the fresh smell of this little gem?)

Here’s to one of our favorite seasons (FALL) and to Stocking-Up in September!


Tamara & Marianne


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