School Day Must Haves!

school must havesSchool days must-haves  


School is back in full swing… yep, it’s back to early mornings, routines, lessons, and homework! As busy moms, we are all in search of breakthrough ideas or helpful products to keep us organized and make things run more smoothly. At In A Pikle, we are all about having what you need on hand when you need it, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite school days ideas and products…



“Pack It” Lunch bags lunchbox

Lunch is all about variety and having a lunch box that keeps things cold all day opens up a lot more options. These handy (and colorful) reusable lunch sacks keep things cold all day. Simply put them in the freezer the night before. In the morning, pack them full of your favorite lunch items. Keep yogurt, meat, and cheese ice totally cold. Kids will like that they fold up super compact after they are emptied. For more convenience, get a second one so there is always one ready in the freezer! They are easy to wash too: throw them in the washer and they will come out smelling really nice!

Compact snacks

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is just around the corner and you can already see the signs in the store. Here is a little secret: Halloween is the perfect time to stock up on snacks for lunches. Trick or Treat snacks such as mini bags of popcorn, cookies, fruit roll ups, pretzels, and treats are in abundance. Watch for coupons and discounts as well.


Pizza sandwiches

Like I said, lunch gets boring, so it is fun to try something new now and again. One of our favorites is the “pizza sandwich.” All you need is a sandwich maker, your favorite bread, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. Include a little pizza sauce for dipping and… Wow! Their favorite food is now in sandwich form!


Adidas Pace

These packs are the bomb! All backpacks are not created equal. This backpack has elastic in the straps that act as shock absorbers for heavy loads. They are available on Amazon and come in a variety of colors!



In A Pikle

A “pikle” is the perfect school buddy for your boy or girl. Whether they are large or small, kids love to know that they have a place to keep their special things. Fill it with their own band aids, cough drops, tissues, lens cleaning toilets, etc. Stock it with little erasers, pencil lead, paper clips, and rubber bands. Older kids love the “pikle” to keep personal things in their locker. Girls especially like to keep hygiene items in a place that is fashionable and discreet.


Water bottle

Kids start running the moment they wake up in the morning. They need lots of water! The O2COOL Mist’n Sip water bottle is the coolest!  Not only is it a water bottle; it has a built in mister too! It’s insulated with multiple layers so cold water stays really cold!


Office Pak by In A Piklecomputer

“Honey, I shrunk the…” school supplies! We all love miniature stuff, but this stuff is extra cute! The Office Pak comes with a mini tape dispenser, mini stapler and staples, and a mini hole punch. Yep, all the essentials in a little case that fits in the palm of your hand!



Shoe organizer

It’s not just for shoes!  Use a hanging shoe organizer to store outfits for a whole week. Take a minute on Sunday night to pick out outfits for the coming week. The hanging shelf has a spot for each day’s clothing, avoiding the morning “meltdowns” over what to wear.



They’re not just for school! Hooks are a great way to keep clutter like backpacks, sports equipment, and coats off the floor. Local hardware stores carry a variety of sizes and finishes at a reasonable price. Make sure to use a wall anchor to avoid tearing your sheetrock with heavy loads. Use these darling mini chalkboard above their hooks for labeling and special messages.


Egg timer

Ok, a little old fashioned, but little kids still like these actual timers versus an app on your phone. Use them to motivate kids to finish piano practicing, homework, and chores. They love to beat the buzzer!




You can’t have too many Sharpies! Kids are bound to leave a jacket or lunch box on the playground at some point, so to take a moment to label them. At least you can identify them in the lost and found, right!? Plus, there are so many fun projects you can make with Sharpies. Kids can personalize plain shoes, pencil boxes, water bottles, and lunch boxes. Just keep them out of your toddler’s hands!!



You may have it all on your Google calendar, but kids love to see what is coming up and it helps diminish the “what are we doing tomorrow?” questions. There are many options…black boards or white boards, or even make one yourself! Kids love to look forward to things and they will love to help you stay organized. Tip: use a different colored chalk or dry erase marker for each kid’s activities/schedule.


Come prepared!

Too bad you don’t get paid by the mile like a taxi driver, or you’d be rich! “Mom” is synonymous with “taxi driver.”  You are in the car quite a bit, so you had better make the best of it. Stock your car with a favorite book, thank you notes, coupon organizer, etc. when you are waiting for your posse to get out of school. Make the most of your windshield time by stocking up on audio books from the library.


Getting to the soccer field is a lot easier with this handy collapsible wagon. It folds up to fit in the back of any car. Expand it in seconds and fill with all your parfinellia. It is even sturdy enough to carry a tired child or two!



Use a small laundry basket or bin to story emergency essentials in the back of the car. You never know when things will take longer than you think and have a car full of “hangry” children on your hands.


Bundle by In A Piklebundlegirl

The “In A Pikle” Bundle is great for organizing kids snacks and activities. They love having a place for their things (and so do you). The Bundle is perfect for chargers and cords, small electronics, and batteries. It also makes a great diaper clutch! Even your hubby won’t mind taking his turn with a “man bag” to carry the essentials!


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