ROAD TRIP: Staying Sane In The Lane

Summertime is here and in full swing!  For some, summertime may mean relaxing by the pool or sticking close to the air conditioner. For others, the summer months may mean day camps, night camps and the long awaited family reunion.  To celebrate summer, many folks may find themselves behind the wheel traveling many miles of highway, byway, freeway and back road adventures. One may wonder, how to stay SANE when traveling the LANE? These simplistic yet creative tips and tricks may just make the difference between a “good” road trip and a “great” road trip.


  • Pack A Emergency Kit:  Plan for anything and everything.  A flat tire, a broken door or car trouble.  Be prepared for the unexpected. Be sure to bring a car emergency kit along with a few tools to get you back on the road quickly when your road trip takes a turn for the worst.  Check out our In A Pikle tool wrap for that just-in-case road-mergency. It fits into small spaces and is sure to keep you organized when your car is packed to the hilt and rafters.                                                                                                                          
  • Make The Drive Part Of Your Adventure.  The and Roadtrippers app helps you plan stops along your way including restaurants, landmarks and hotels. You can also turn this into a fun scavenger hunt for kids. Have them look for certain landmarks, different colored cars or billboard signs.                             
  • Keep Your Car Clean. Nothing can add stress to your drive then a dirty car. Bring along an auto trash can to throw away those wrappers, cups and fast food wrappers.  This one is my favorite.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Pack A Survival Kit. Traveling with kids can be hectic (understatement!) We have all heard the famous phrase “Are we there yet?” or my favorite “Mom, he’s looking at me!”  For this chaotic carload, it’s always nice to have a healthy distraction.  The In A Pikle Bundle is a perfect solution to that carload of chaos – – a healthy distraction from “Mom, she’s breathing on me!”  This savvy sidekick has a myriad of uses and can hold SO many little gems including markers, activity books, snacks, headphones, reading books,  travel games and more. Do yourself a favor and stay SANE in the LANE by packing one for each kiddo.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Save Money On Gas: Gas Buddy finds the cheapest gas prices on your route. Save some dough and use it for souvenirs later in your trip.
  • Spoil Your Kids: Each year my family and I take the trek to California from Utah. I like to keep things interesting and exciting by purchases a couple of new activities and toys to pass out along the way. I also wrap them up in wrapping paper because let’s be honest who doesn’t like to unwrap a gift?!  These can be items bought from the local dollar store along with a few higher priced gifts from craft store or Walmart. Do yourself another favor by making sure these gifts are car friendly, no loud toys or messy crafts (learned this the hard way!)
  • Strategic Car Seating: During these treks to California we are fortunate enough to have an extra driver as my father in law tags along. This allows me to sit back with the littles and give them my full undivided attention. Not only do I have a blast just hanging out with my kiddos, it seems to help keep the peace for the ten-hour travel.  Last road trip we had car make-up makeovers, we played Watch Your Mouth and the Alphabet game.  My kids still talk about it to this day and that was over 4 months ago.


I hope these ideas will help get you OUT of a Pikle and assist in making your road trip adventures stress free. The goal is to have as much fun getting to your destination as when you actually arrive!  Happy Trails! – ALISHA





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