Kathryn’s Korner: It’s All About Relationships!

Relationships…it’s something money can’t buy and yet it is the most important part of your business.

Business relationships don’t just happen from one purchase or one interaction.  They are developed over time and begin with trust.  When someone trusts you and knows you care about them more than the sale, they become loyal.

In Direct Sales it is all about developing relationships; with your customers and hostesses.  Use the following tips to grow a loyal following of people who will become repeat customers over and over again.

  1. Make it personal – Take the time to get to know your customer. They want to purchase from someone who is genuine and one they can connect with.
  2. Make the connection – Develop strong connections and create lasting relationships with customers and hostesses by sharing information that is tailored to their specific needs, wants and interests. How do you know what they need and want?  Ask questions and listen to their answers.
  3. Gain loyalty – When you have a happy customer and hostess they will do business with you again. More importantly they will refer you to their friends and family.
  4. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Everyone wants to feel important, like they made a difference.  Be genuine, be sincere and express your gratitude.  People want to be appreciated and the best way you can do that is by thanking them for making a purchase, opening their home or supporting you in your business.

Small gestures go a long ways in developing long-term, loyal relationships with people.  When you follow the Golden Rule and treat others with courtesy and respect you will watch your business grow and you will achieve your personal and financial goals.

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