I’m getting my chemo infused, and my nose started running. Good thing I have my Pikle in my bag I take to chemo. Saved the Day!

Jen B

I love my Pikle! It saved the day again today. I lost an earring back at my son’s baseball game so I used the scissors to cut a small piece of one of the thick rubber bands. It worked better than my original earring back!

Happy Pikle Customer

My Pikle just got back from Cancun, Mexico…I used the pen to fill out our customs info, scissors, band aids, hand sanitizer, stain remover (salsa), dental floss, and most importantly, safety pins to hold up my son’s swim-trunks! What a life saver!

Happy Pikle Customer

Hate it when the bubble wand falls into the bubble container and my fingers are too big to pull it out.  Thankfully I had my Pikle with me and used the tweezers for a mess free solution!

Brittany B.

I was at Walmart yesterday picking up some things for a family cook out and the cash register lady had cut her finger and needed a bandaid. So I got in my Pikle bag and gave her one so she could finish ringing us up. It save the day! Then today my husband caught his finger and the Pikle saved the day again with antibacterial wipes and a bandaid.

Tara D.


I bought each of my bridesmaids (and myself!) an “In A Pikle” bag as a gift before the wedding. We used them over and over again the whole weekend- especially the safety pins, bobby pins, and bandages! Thanks so much for such a used and pretty product!

Sarah Young

I just had an In A Pikle moment. I was eating lunch at school and I just dripped fry sauce on my shirt and I thought “Dang now I have to walk around school all day with a big fry sauce stain on my shirt!” Then I remember “Oh stain remover pen!” so I grabbed my pikle out of my backpack – it really helped!

Maddy, Ogden, UT

We finally arrived for our week of vacation at the lake, my husband immediately wanted to get his fishing gear and head to the water. But he needed to string new line and didn’t have scissors! My Pikle, to the rescue.. scissors, and the eventual band aid, were at the ready. Later the paper clips were quite handy to close the curtains, so the rest of the lake didn’t watch us eat dinner!

– Ellen P., Saint Louis, MO

I was on a business trip and had packed a brand new dress shirt. I pulled it out and noticed a black mark right on the front. I panicked, but remembered there was a SPOT REMOVER PEN in the “IN A PIKLE” bag my wife had thrown in my luggage. I used the pen and wah lah…. it took care of the mark!

– Seth P., Riverton, UT

I was at the park and hurrying to put my kids in the car. I didn’t see my son’s hand and shut it in the door! He was screaming, of course! All he wanted was a bandaid ( kids think they cure all hurts). I spotted my “IN A PIKLE” bag. Thank goodness! I had a tissue and a BANDAID!

– Karissa H., Ogden, UT

I had a pikle moment just today ~ When I went to put my key in the ignition I jammed my thumb into the steering wheel and broke my nail ~ well I had the nail clippers from my pikle right in the console next to me! Nail clipped and was on my way! 🙂

– Connie H., Fallon, NV

We were in Illinois this summer at a family get together. My cousin Dave wears a hearing aid and it wasn’t working too well ~ our other cousin Stephanie is an audiologist she needed a needle to clean out the earwax that was clogging Dave’s hearing aid ~ Pikle to the rescue AGAIN! How did we ever get by without it?!

– Connie H., Fallon, NV

Getting my girls ready for dance, the bobby pins had fallen out of our make-up bag. I ran up to the family dollar, no bobby pins. Then I remembered my “In a Pikle” bag. Sure enough there were four bobby pins, exactly what we needed. Thanks “In a Pikle” you really saved me 🙂

– Melissa Bean, Leeds, UT

No need to contact me back… I just want to say that this is the most awesome product. It is shear genius!!! I’m so impressed with the two that I purchased that I had to come back for more! I wish you a Happy Holiday Season and luck with your patent!

– Michelle Poulose

I was having lunch with my friend and got a piece of meat stuck in my teeth. After about an hour and many attempts, I still couldn’t get it out, so I pulled out my floss and took care of it right away!! Thank you “IN A PIKLE!!”

– Amy R. Denver, CO

My 4 month old daughter tends to lay on the one side of her head. It was starting to get a “flat” spot, so I decided to “help” her turn her head to the other side. The only sewing kit I had available was my In A Pikle bag. So, I created a home-made diversion by taking a tennis ball, cutting it in half and sewing one half of the ball to a headband. Thanks to the IN A PIKLE sewing kit, we will “help” her head straighten out for sure!!

– Jane B. Salt Lake City, UT

We were on a trip & the sun was shining in my baby’s eyes. I didn’t have any tape, but I did have Bandaids, so I used them to “tape up” a light blanket on the window to get the sun out of his eyes. I think my baby would agree that this was an “In A Pikle” moment!! Thank you “In A Pikle!

– Happy Pikle Customer

Went to drive the kids to school because we were “running late.” Had FROST on my windows…NO ICE SCRAPER to be found…BUT….”In My Car” was my “In A Pikle” and the floss made an awesome temporary ice scraper. Yes…total “In A Pikle” moment indeed!

– Happy Pikle Customer

I was planning with my 5 month old son at the babysitters as I was getting ready to leave for a meeting. As I was getting up to leave, he grabbed the loose button on my jacket and pulled in off. I really could have used a sewing kit that day. Wish I had an in a pickle for those “in a pickle” moments… sigh

– Jesi D., Ogden, UT

My child received a new toy that required batteries and of course he wanted to play with it “right now mom.” Talk about an “IN A PIKLE” moment!! Thank goodness for the mini-screwdriver.

– Veronica G., Santa Monica, CA

I was sitting in the car waiting for my son when I realized that I had a chin hair!! *gasp* If only I had a “pikle” bag, I would have had tweezers to pluck that hair on my chiny chin chin!!

– Sheelagh E., West Lafayette, IN

My “In A Pikle” moment happened yesterday, when my 3 yr old couldn’t keep her skirt up. It’s brand new so I had no idea it didn’t fit until we were already out and about. Thanks to the safety pins, she no longer kept dropping her pants every time she walked/ran.

– Jaclyn Pace, UT

Just had a BIG in “In A Pikle” moment. My son is a diabetic and his blood sugar went very low, I always carry snacks in my truck or in my purse, everywhere I go I have snacks, I was looking all over for a snack for him and it dawned on me that I had put a granola bar in one of the empty pockets in my pikle. Thank you In a Pikle!!!!

– Lisa Atencio Nelson, UT

Having eaten out and getting something stuck in your tooth… wish I had brought some tooth picks with me!!

– Jane Beatty Spalding, UK

I had been to a new years eve party Saturday night and I still had the wristband on Sunday at church and it started to become annoying having it on my wrist I tried to rip it but it didn’t work then I remember I had a little pair of scissors in my pikle so I got them out and use them to cut the wristband

– Maddy Campbell, Ogden, UT

I was recently at the Temple to see a very good friend be sealed to her family. The experience was so amazing that I could not control the happy tears. I notice a friend sitting next to me had a Pikle in her purse and I asked her if I could have a tissue from her Pikle. The Pikle EVEN came in handy in the Temple!

– Kristen Heppler, Riverton, UT

My Pikle came in very handy last week when I came upon a car accident. My son was with me so I asked him to bring me my Pikle out of my car. He went running toward my car then stopped. Needless to say, he now knows what a Pikle is!

– Deniece Perry, Bossier City, LA

I was in my car and all of the sudden my nose started to bleed. The spot remover came in handy when it got on my cute new blouse.

– Kate, West Jordan, UT

Just got my new Pikle for my very first Mother’s Day…what a great gift! I was impressed with the quality of the items included in the starter kit. I am an avid user of bobby and safety pins and was glad to see that the ones that came with my Pikle were of very high quality…as was everything else! It was so fun to pack it full of my own custom items too. I have a six-month old and I know I have a lifetime of Pikle moments ahead of me! Thanks so much for such a great, innovative product, and superb quality items!

– Kim, Monahans, TX