Make The Most Of Your Car Time

The end of something creates an opportunity to begin something new! I REALLY look forward to summer and all of its fun! Mostly, I just love a break from nagging my kids about homework! I also love not having to enforce bedtimes and practice times!


But after a few months, I kind of get excited to get back to a schedule. This time of year, I fill up the calendar with soccer games, piano lessons, dance classes, and carpool rotations. I make dinner menus and honey do lists…I love making lists!  I love a brand new spiral notebook that I can fill with the daily “to dos!” and I get so much joy from crossing things off!  


For me, the start of a new school year brings a feeling of new beginnings! I have new hopes for my kids and for me! With my kids back in school I will have so much more time to do those things that have been on my list all summer, right? Wrong! But I can hope….and plan…. and make lists! Exercise more …read that book …connect with friends …shower before noon …get organized! Maybe you have a similar list of hopes and dreams for the coming school year.


While we may not be able to help you with your exercise and hygiene goals, we can definitely help in the organization department! Now that school has started, you are going to spend a lot more time in the car …so make the most of your time! Here are a few ideas:


  1. Create a basket or tote to leave in the car with productive things to occupy your time while waiting for kids. Use the time in the carpool line to read a book, write a quick thank you note, or catch up on your journal instead of mindless internet surfing!
  2. Fill your car with a small supply of emergency snacks (for you and for the kids). Beef Jerky, nuts or granola bars are great choices! You will save time and money (and calories) by not stopping for fast food.
  3. Put your coupons, gift cards, and returns in the car console just in case you get a few extra minutes between drop-offs and pick-ups.


At In A Pikle, we are all about getting organized and being prepared for life’s little emergencies!  Use the Bundle or Pikle to create the perfect car accessory with convenience items to make your life as a taxi driver easier… bandaids, wipes, hairbands, comb, scissors, and safety pins. Here’s to a great year!


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