I was lucky enough to go to Ireland December 2002. I kissed the blarney stone, visited Trinity College and stayed in downtown Dublin. I loved experiencing these iconic Irish spots BUT you don’t have to visit the land of a thousand greens to get the luck of the irish. Here’s a little secret I’ve learned: you can make your own luck every day… especially when it comes to finding good deals and saving some money!

One of the best ways to save some extra green is to take advantage of budgeting and money-saving apps and websites. Here are a few of my favorites:


HONEY APP: This is one of my favorite apps! Honey is a browser extension and Chrome add-on. I promise that it’s super easy and fast to install to your laptop! Go to your favorite site, add your items to cart, and before you checkout, select the app and it will give you ALL the available coupons for that site. Thanks to this feature I have saved tons of money over the past year.  The most exciting news is that the just released an IOS app last month and now you don’t have to do all of your shopping on a desktop computer. They are currently working on an Android app so stay tuned!

IBOTTA: Get money back on things you purchase every day! I use this app almost every time I go grocery shopping. I guarantee that this app currently has coupons for your favorite products and stores… stuff that you purchase every day! Simply scroll through the available discounts, purchase that item, then scan your receipt and barcode on the purchased product… and boom! You just received  money back on the purchase. This is SO much easier clipping coupons and also you will have a history of your savings.

1Q APP:This app is not a money saving app but a money earning app. I installed this app on my phone about 6 months ago. They randomly send you questions to ask for your opinion.There is only usually one question and each question is worth $0.25. You have to be quick as they expire within a few minutes but I have made $9.00. That may not sound like much but basically clicking a button twice, I’d say that’s not too bad. Plus… it’s $9.00 more than I had 6 months ago.


AMAZON SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE: Amazon has recently become one of my favorite ways to save money. I currently have about 15 “Subscribe and Save” items coming to my house regularly. Some of them arrive monthly, others come every 2-3 months. The only catch is that you have to be on your toes as the prices fluctuate so if you sign up for a product $5.00, make sure you double check the price before it ships because it may have changed. It’s easy since they send you an email letting you know your order is shipping. I recommend a quick check online at local stores to see if the item cheaper somewhere else and you can cancel the subscription anytime. The more items you subscribe to, the more savings you unlock… you can get items at half the cost!  


FREEBIES2DEALS: Hands down this is one of my favorite blogs. I check it daily!  They post deals, freebies, and so much more. It started as just a coupon site a few years ago but is quickly becoming one of the best deal sites on the web. Plus they send you texts message and emails so you are always in the know.


WALMART PICK UP ORDER: You are probably wondering why this is on the list. Allow me to explain…throughout the week I add items to my shopping list that we are running low or out of. The problem is that when I actually get to the store, I am the type of person that tends to deviate from my list… I am a bad impulse shopper! With the Walmart pick order I stick to my list. I am not tempted to add extra things to my cart since I am not perusing the store. It ALWAYS saves me some cash.  Plus I can shop from my bed at 11:00 pm at night which frees up time in the day to spend with my kids.


What are your favorite tools for snagging bargains? Do you have any tips or tricks for saving some “green”!? At In A Pikle we believe that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”! Our customers love to use our products to prepare their cash for monthly spending or to organize coupons and receipts. Check out our handy organizers on our site today!

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