NOTHING prepares you for life as a mom and really there is no manual for the “right” way to do it.  We are all just “winging it” from day to day and trying to do our best, right?

Motherhood is filled with lots of highs and lows and we beat ourselves up everyday for the things we are “not doing” or “should do.” And, starting a business with a house full of little ones is nothing to sneeze about!  

I remember one particular day… I had safely secured my baby in her chair and and given her a few snacks while I left the room to make a short phone call (in my closet!).  A few minutes later, I heard some wailing from the other room and ran in to discover my 3-year-old had decided to decorate herself and then turned on her helpless sister who had no way of escaping.  She was quite proud of her art, but her little sister was not!!! I tried to be mad, but couldn’t do anything but laugh!

Perhaps one of the many frustrations as a mom is that someone ALWAYS needs something. It seems I wake up with my list of things I want to get done, but end up detoured by SOS calls from my daughter who forgot her lunch or my teenager who ran out of gas on the way to work.

The more I have thought about this, I have realized, it’s really such a blessing… I am needed!  I am needed everyday by someone! Despite the fact I can’t take 5 minutes to go to the bathroom alone, I will hopefully always be needed to listen, to comfort, to carpool, to serve, to fix, and to feed (even if they won’t admit it, the teenagers need a mom the most).

This is one of the many reasons the In A Pikle bag is perfect for busy moms! We are busy, but we love to be there for others. The In A Pikle bag is compact and stylish and it fits in your purse or glove box and holds all those little necessities for “life’s little emergencies!”  It is great to be prepared with a bandaid to soothe a crying child who fell at the playground or, a sewing kit or spot remover pen for a distressed teenager with a wardrobe malfunction. Afterall, every superhero has a secret weapon!

It is wonderful to be a mom and to be needed!  I am grateful for all the mothers (aka super heros) who take care of my needs!  They lend a listening ear, a helping hand, a surprise meal, or a note of appreciation. Truly, “the noblest art is that of making others happy.”


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