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For Christmas I was so excited to receive the ever so cute “Pepper Pikle”—My favorite!!!!! While un-packaging my daughters toy that was wrapped in “dangerous” plastic, my husband sliced his knuckle. He began searching for a band-aid. My sister in-law yelled from the other room, there is one in that “Pikle” thing. He quickly found the Pikle in all our Christmas present stash and a crisis was avoided. Thanks In a Pikle, we were able to “Dill” with it quickly!!

– Jaymie B.

On The Go

My sister is serving an LDS mission in Japan and has been in a horrible bike crash and has had several other “In a Pikle Moments”. She is always on the go and living out of 2 suitcases. How nice to have everything she needs right in a small little bag she can though in a backpack. I’m sending her one for her birthday! I think it will be used a lot!

– Lindsay, Salt Lake City, UT

Spot Remover Pen

At a friends wedding, the bride got BBQ sauce on her dress. We just “happened to have” the spot removing pen. We got her out of her ‘pickle’ so she wouldn’t have a stain on her dress for pictures.

– Liz, Superior, CO

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