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Safety Pin

Four day event and one pair of jeans with a “pikled” zipper on day one. Thank goodness for an “In A Pikle” bundle with a couple of safety pins; and we still had a dilly good time!

– Kristin T.

Sewing Kit

So I’m walking through the car show on Saturday when my flip flop breaks. My daughter looks at me and says, “What You don’t have something in your Pikle to fix that?”  And I did! My mini sewing kit saved the day!

– Anna N

Floss/Mirror Combo

Trying to start the new year right by eating healthier including more broccoli! Getting ready to meet a new client and sure enough there’s broccoli in my teeth! Thank heavens I had my Pikle in my purse! A little mirror and floss saved the day (and a ton of embarrassment!) Thanks “In A Pikle!”

– Holly Bartlett


We were at a 3rd birthday party for on of my son’s friends. The parents forgot to bring something to light the candles but fortunately I had matches in my Pikle. Thanks “in a pikle” for saving the day

– Stephanie



Last Saturday I was watching my oldest son play in a baseball tournament. Our coach was putting in a new pitcher and the player had a wrap on his wrist. The umpire said it needed to be cut off. Our coach came over to our teams stands and asked if anyone had scissors. “I do” I yelled.  I pulled out my bundle, took out the scissors and handed them to him. I have to say, I was really excited to get the chance to show everyone my awesome bundle. All the moms want one now! When we got home I was talking to my son about the coach needing scissors.  He laughed and said that all the players in the dugout were saying “who in the heck will have scissors in their bag?” My son looked at them and said “my mom will.”

– Mindy, Riverton, UT


For Christmas I was so excited to receive the ever so cute “Pepper Pikle”—My favorite!!!!! While un-packaging my daughters toy that was wrapped in “dangerous” plastic, my husband sliced his knuckle. He began searching for a band-aid. My sister in-law yelled from the other room, there is one in that “Pikle” thing. He quickly found the Pikle in all our Christmas present stash and a crisis was avoided. Thanks In a Pikle, we were able to “Dill” with it quickly!!

– Jaymie B.

On The Go

My sister is serving an LDS mission in Japan and has been in a horrible bike crash and has had several other “In a Pikle Moments”. She is always on the go and living out of 2 suitcases. How nice to have everything she needs right in a small little bag she can though in a backpack. I’m sending her one for her birthday! I think it will be used a lot!

– Lindsay, Salt Lake City, UT

Spot Remover Pen

At a friends wedding, the bride got BBQ sauce on her dress. We just “happened to have” the spot removing pen. We got her out of her ‘pickle’ so she wouldn’t have a stain on her dress for pictures.

– Liz, Superior, CO

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