In A Pikle is so easy to put together. There are two snaps in the middle that hold the clear interiors bags in place. I love that you can buy different In A Pikle covers and be able to transfer the interior bags with ease. The organizer rolls up with such ease and using the ‘easy to close’ magnetic closure keeps everything nice and secure.In A Pikle sure does beat anything else I’ve ever used. The size makes it convenient to carry in your handbag or to carry alone. Just the other day, I was out and the wind was blowing something fierce and I was desperately needing a bobby pin to pin my bangs back….then it hit me; I grabbed my handbag, pulled out my In A Pikle and grabbed a bobby pin! I use the hand sanitizer quiet frequently and the stain stick came in handy, just the other day…and it actually works!

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