With all of the buying, wrapping, and running around, it’s hard to feel that warm fuzzy holiday spirit all December long. My suggestion is not that we get rid of long-standing traditions, but that we tweak them to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Traditions are a special part of the holiday season. Here are a few of our favorites that help keep our holidays simple and meaningful. You are free to steal these ideas or tweak them as needed!

Gingerbread house making can be a total nightmare. Hot glue is your friend. I have tried the homemade gingerbread house with the icing glue. It’s too stressful, especially with littles. One year brought me to a breaking point and I opted for hot glue – it was the best decision ever!



While I am busily trying to get all of the decorations hung up the day after Thanksgiving, my kids always watch Christmas movies and cut snowflakes ALL DAY LONG! When  they are done with their massive pile of snow, we hang them from the ceiling in our family  room. It creates a magical feeling! 



Polar express night. We usually pick a night when the kids don’t have school the next day and make a big fuss about getting them to bed. As they climb the stairs to their rooms, I pull out a handful of tickets, hand them out, and then we load up into the car. We go to the gas station for hot chocolate and drive through the city to look at lights and then head home to  watch the Polar Express movie and eat popcorn. 


Get outside! Don’t let the cold weather keep you from getting fresh air. Go sledding, build a snowman, or take a walk. Even when the weather doesn’t feel like winter, getting out is a great idea. One year we hiked in the local foothills and brought along sliced apples and hay to feed the deer. My kids loved it and the fresh air was good for everyone.



Take along your PikleHoliday activities are awesome, but busy, busy, busy! And you’re sure to face a few little emergencies along the way, so be prepared. Our compact organizers are trendy, handy, and affordable (especially with these great December deals). While you’re at the concert, party, mall, or drinking cocoa in your PJs, have your must-have items ready to go when you need them!


Whatever your holiday traditions may be, remember to keep it simple. In the end, it’s okay to let things go and just sit by the fire with hot chocolate with the ones your love. 

Happy Holidays!

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