Do you love the convenience of our “In A Pikle” bag but don’t always have the space? Then you will love the new Petite Pikle!  In come in the same colors and styles that we all love but in a smaller version to fit ANYWHERE!

Each Petite comes with it’s own Pak so you are prepared wherever you go… work, school, hiking, date night, or game day.  The possibilities are endless!

What Makes Them Different Than Original Pikle?

Each Petite is ONLY 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall while the original Pikle is 71/2″ wide and  31/2″ tall. It has a zipper top with matching hardware and the inside is lined with nylon. It does not included the clear pouches like our “original Pikle bag but it’s super small so it can fit in places the Pikle can’t. 


What Does It Come Pak’d With?

We have 3 options that have been paired with the new Petites making it the perfect companion for anyone, anywhere!

Petite Pak: Includes 30+ of our most popular items including bandages, small screwdrivers, hair bands, tweezers and sewing kit. (and yes, the mini scissors too!)  The Petite Pak currently comes with the Vintage Dots and Gleaming Gold Dots style. But, several more adorable colors will be debuting in the next couple of months! (You’ll want to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to get one!)

Outdoor Pak:  Includes everything for the outdoor enthusiast including a pocket knife, tool card and matches. This pak also comes with Soap Sheets!!! What are soap sheets?? A package of 15 slivers of soap….Place one in the palm of your hand, add a drop of water, lather, and rinse! The outdoor pak is included with the Gherkin Petite Pikles in Camo, Gray and our FAVORITE color coming out in a few weeks! These are a perfect companion for hiking, biking and camping.

Desk Pak: This pak is our newest pak.  It contains essentials for your backpack or desk.  Including scissors, mini stapler, mini tape, paper clips and a hole punch.  The ideal back to school buddy! The most exciting thing about this pak is it is paired with  the White “Write On” Petite Pikle and 2 markers so you can create your own design. This Petite is sure to be your students new BFF!


So whether your purse or backpack is big or small, we have a Pikle, Bundle or Petite to fit! Life’s crazy…dill with it!

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