Our Favorite Fall Activities

I am blessed to live in a place where we experience the richness of all seasons of the year. My favorite season by far is summer! So, to be honest,  I get a little bummed when the air turns cold, the days get shorter, and the bright green leaves start to turn.  

Despite all this, there is something “cozy” and wonderful about fall… warm sweaters and comfy boots… the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon… fall colors and holiday preparations! There are certain things you can only experience this time of year! Here is a list of our favorite things to do as family each autumn:

  • Take a drive  – Embrace the changing scenery! The changing leaves are nature’s masterpiece. Plan a hike or go on a picnic!


  • Visit a pumpkin patch – My kids’ favorite activity! We spend hours looking for just the right pumpkin to use for carving in a few weeks. Until then, plop the pumpkins on the porch and add a few corn stalks to create a festive fall welcome.


  • Rake leaves – Yes, it always starts as a family clean up project and ends up with everyone jumping in…just embrace it!


  • Visit a corn maze – Mazes are fun for kids of all ages! Split up into groups and race to the end. Take flashlights or glow sticks for the little ones, or hide random items for a fun scavenger hunt.


  • Plant spring bulbs – Spending some extra time in the yard during the fall will reap great rewards in the spring when tiny green sprigs announce warm weather is finally here again. Here are some great tips from my neighbor for planting bulbs and now is the perfect time: https://wilsonsgarden.blogspot.com/.


  • Visit a farmers market or fruit stand – There is nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies from the garden! Tomatoes are one of our favoritie items! Try this easy tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/tomato-basil-soup



  • Decorate your front porch or mantel – A few simple decorations can get you in the mood.  Add some branches with fall leaves to your fireplace or mini pumpkins or gourds to your doorstep and vioala! You are have a pinterest-worthy scene of fall perfection!


  • Visit the zoo or amusement park – It is usually A LOT less crowded this time of year and many places add new seasonal attractions.  The zoo is particularly pleasant smelling this time of year. Watch the weather for a mild day and go!


Here’s another family favorite: http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/dinner-in-a-pumpkin-104191?photo=224670

Don’t like to bake? Check out the local bakery, they usually add pumpkin bread to their line up…yum!


  • Take family photos – The changing colors are a beautiful backdrop for family photos that can later be used for Christmas cards.


These are just a few ideas for embracing fall! It is kind of like the “calm before the holiday storm” so enjoy it while it lasts! Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember to pack your Pikle!  There are so many fun things to do and we wouldn’t want “life’s little emergencies” to slow you down!

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