Kathryn’s Korner: CHOOSE TO NOT GIVE UP!

Choose to Not Give Up

Have you ever heard the old saying…”Winners never quit and quitters never win”? I love that saying because for me, it is absolutely true.

In the past 20 years, as I’ve worked in this industry, I have met some amazing people with incredible potential.  They work their business for a while and have some great success, they begin to grow a team and things are looking pretty good.  Then out of the blue they are done…they drop off the map and you no longer see or hear from them.

When I reach out and follow up with them, I usually hear the same story over and over again.  They encountered an obstacle or two…a canceled party, low sales or a negative comment from a customer.  I find it interesting that so often we will do anything to support our spouse, children, friends or family members in their goals but when it comes to ourselves we are the first to give up on our dreams and what we want.

Life is full of challenges, obstacles, set backs, disappointments and struggles.  As human beings we can’t avoid them no matter how hard we try in our personal and professional life.  In this industry there are some statistics that I find very interesting.  For every 10 people that join a direct selling company, only three will actually do something…anything!  Make a sale or enroll a new team member.  Out of those initial three, only half or 1.5 will actually do anything, and again only half of those, (.75) will do anything.

This is a number that I would love to see change because I know what this industry and this type of business can mean in your life.  Working together with your mentor and down line, we at In A Pikle can change these statistics and make them better!  In the past 20 years as I have worked my businesses I have been very successful.  It wasn’t always easy and I have heard the word no more than I care to count.  However, when I look back at why I was successful it is only because I made the decision not to give up!  Would it have been easier at times…you bet!  Could I have justified it…absolutely!  Did I…no way because I believed in myself, I knew I could do it was just a matter of BELIEVING I could do it.

There are two kinds of pain in this life…one is the pain of hard work and the other is the pain of regret.  Personally I will take the pain of hard work any day because I know I will be rewarded for my efforts.  Regret on the other hand, is always there reminding you over and over again that you should have made the choice to try harder.  Choose now that you will not give up and remember…WINNER’S NEVER QUIT!

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