Cancer Survivor: Nancy

This post comes from one of our most dearest friends, Kathryn Beeny.  She wrote this tribute touching tribute about her mom.
The beautiful lady in the pictures in my mom, Nancy.  She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer two different times.  Because her cancer was detected early by having a yearly mammogram, she is still with us today.
She is my hero and one of the strongest women I know.  She lost a child to cancer and has battled the disease herself but always saw the silver lining in her challenges.  She sees gratitude in each day and is devoted to her family and especially her sweetheart of 54 years.  She is beautiful, courageous and the epitome of grace and class.  How thankful we are that we live in a time where cancer can be detected early with the technology available.  Her best advice…always be kind and get your yearly mammogram!

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