Keeping your home in order when you have kids is a challenging task, even for the most organized moms. If you feel that your place is taken over by piles of children toys, books and clothes, you are not alone. Luckily, there are easy and inexpensive ways to manage your kids’ clutter. These creative storage solutions will make organizing hassle-free and will ensure your kid’s room has space for everything.

1.Spice Shelf Book Storage

Spice racks are not just for the kitchen. You can use them to make neat and easy-to-reach bookshelves for the little ones. Another idea is to turn the rack upside down to create a hanging rod for your kid’s bags or clothes. Leave the shelf as it is or paint it for a customized look. You can look up different spice rack shelves ideas on Pinterest.

2.Mobile Book Storage

Your kids like to leave their books all over the house? Consider getting a wagon or a library cart as a “mobile” storage. The cart will not only serve as a place for your kids’ books, but it will also speed up the cleaning time.

3.Loft Bed

A loft bed is a great solution for smaller rooms that need more floor space. Turn the place underneath the bed into a playing or reading area for the toddlers and younger kids. When they grow up, simply insert a desk and bookshelf. Make the most of the loft bed and add extra storage by using toy organizers as steps to get into the bed.

4. Hooks and Pegs

Maximize your storage options by utilizing all the available space in your kids’ rooms, including the walls. Hang pegs and hooks in strategic places around the room to keep everything from coats and backpacks to clothes well-organized. Don’t forget to put these at kid-level to allow your children to hang their stuff themselves.

5. Behind-the- Door Shelves

Store frequently needed items in the space on the inside of child’s closet door. You can hang shoe storage organizer, wire shelves or spice racks depending on your preferences. These storage solutions are amazing for keeping toys, clothes and headbands without taking up a too much space.

6.Under- Floor Storage

The space under the bed is traditionally used as a hideaway place for all kinds on miscellaneous items.  Storing stuff under the bedroom floor is a quite ingenious idea that takes organizing to a new level. The built-ins provide enough storage space that can be used for keeping seasonal clothes and toys.   

7. Floating Shelves

Want to combine style and functionality? Floating shelves give you the best of both worlds. Position them on different levels to create interest. Keep the fragile items on upper levels and fill the lower shelves with stuffed toys and books.

8. Multi-Purpose Bookcase

Shelving systems can effectively resolve all your organizing problems. It’s a flexible storage solution that can be easily accommodated to your needs. You can leave the shelves bare or add durable bins made of wicker, plastic, or cloth. Shelving system can hold a ton of toys and books, while still looking trim and organized.

9. Wire Baskets

Wire baskets look fun when used on an empty wall. They provide a great way to take advantage of the vertical space in your kid’s room. Get a couple of inexpensive wire baskets and hang them on the wall to store books and toys. It’s a quick DIY project and looks more interesting than a plain shelf.

10. Stash & Dash

Stash…kids love to stash things in all sorts of places…under the bed, under the dresser. One of our favorite items is the “In A Pikle” bag. It the perfect place for kids stash their treasures to take with them at a moments notice. 

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