5 Amusement Park Hacks Everyone Should Know

In December of 2018 I traveled to Disneyland with my family. We had a fabulous time! Even though it can be long days and can get hectic at times those memories (good or bad) last forever!  In the spirit of making GOOD memories I have compiled a list of suggestions and/or hacks that helped my amusement park outing run as smoothly.


Battery Power Bank

Nothing is worse than not being able to keep your phone charged! The new technology and apps that have been created for Disney goers including the MaxPass is a must have! The only thing that I would complain about it how much battery life it takes.  The app refreshes every few seconds to give you the most up to date wait times for different attractions.  I dropped this into my backpack and never had to worry about my battery running out (even with 12+ hour days) 


Waterproof Phone Pouch

One of my biggest worries while attending any amusement park is that a lot of rides don’t like you to carry your back packs etc on the actual ride.  I doubt anyone would steal my lunch but phones, credit cards, ID and money can be taken easily. I purchased a waterproof pouch which I carried our tickets, phone, money etc that I could wear around my neck or stow on the actual ride. 


Dill Pikle 

This is the second time I have taken my Pikle to Disneyland! I always wondered how I ever did without it.  Some of the things I custom packed in it were first aid supplies, antibacterial wipes, medication, gum and eyeglass repair kit.  When  I went back in 2015 I didn’t include the glass repair kit and I lost a screw to my sunglasses on the FIRST ride on the FIRST day.  I had to spend a lot of money to purchase a pair of sunglasses in the park because I couldn’t go the day without my glasses. I love how the interior pouches are clear so when going through security you simply open it up and they can see everything.


Flavored Water

Okay a little bit of honesty.  I like water but sometimes I just need something sweet and with a little bit of an energy boost!  Packing soda can be messy and heavy but buying soda can be expensive when inside the park. I had the idea to grab some flavored packets for me (with caffeine) and for the kids (no caffeine) and throw them into the back pack. This worked out so well the first day that the  family we went with ran to Walmart the second day to grab some of their own. The kids love that they get a bright colored drink, it’s cheaper and its mostly water so they stay hydrated. Plus, it’s nice for me to get an energy boost throughout the day because let’s be honest, if mom’s happy, everyone is happy! 


Anti-Chafe Stick

All the rides at Disneyland are fun.  One of my kids favorite rides is Splash Mountain.  That was the first ride we went on when we arrived in the park for the first day.  We all know that wet clothes and walking don’t mix. Their little legs and waists got chafed from the wet clothes rubbing on their skin.  Last time we went I wasn’t prepared but this time I bought a Anti-Chafe-Stick. I simply applied it to all the sensitive areas before we left the hotel.  It lasted them all day with no chafing. I also discovered this worked on blistered feet as well.  


Wherever your travels take you this summer I hope you always come prepared!  



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